Bed and Breakfast & Holiday Cottage

Bed and Breakfast & Holiday Cottage

Monday, 7 February 2011

February is a time for planning and dreaming. Anything is still possible this year. I can dream of the Hen House and the B&B rooms being booked up for the whole of spring and summer, of the garden looking beautiful from April to September, of fixing my poor old car up, of walking the whole of the Teme Valley, of training the donkeys to pull a cart, of visiting the gardens I want to see and of spending sunny days with good friends.

Some of it I might even manage.

In the meantime, I write lists - each list getting longer daily with a new idea.

And at night I jump into bed with Carol Klein and her gorgeous book 'Life in a Cottage Garden' and I fastforward my dreams and soak up the coming of spring and summer, a notebook on my bedside table for jotting down brilliant tips and the names of plants she makes sound so irresistible. There is plenty of time to fit everything in because it's only February - a time when anything I imagine can become true.