Bed and Breakfast & Holiday Cottage

Bed and Breakfast & Holiday Cottage

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A little piece about a little peace

What busy lives we all have. We all know that and we're always being told that too. It seems to be accepted that modern life is to be lived at as fast a pace as possible, keeping in touch with as many people as possible, networking, sharing, liking, blogging, following and being pinteresting simultaneously twenty four seven. But I can't do it. I am a failure! What a relief to admit it! I think for me, it is just too much of a conflict with the life I have chosen to live, given the absence of children. A country life of gardening and housekeeping, welcoming guests, having a moment or two to chat to visitors, looking after our animals and caretaking our little piece of England. It sounds like a simple life doesn't it - so why isn't it? I suppose because running a successful B&B and holiday cottages and now having a garden people appear to like to visit, we have created more and more work for ourselves. Being a success is great and we don't mind the work either, but something has to give and it's not going to be the business or the garden so it has to be blog? So, is this just a long-winded excuse for not having blogged for so long? Maybe, but it is also a heartfelt plea for a little peace in life. There are so many blogs that I would love to read, so many people I would enjoy chatting with on Twitter and no doubt all sorts of cool things I am missing out on on pinterest, but for now I would just like some peace and quiet please. All those virtual voices can be quite deafening sometimes. Is it OK to pick these things up and put them down again when it suits you? Or does that make me amateur, not really playing the game properly? Does anyone even notice if I don't contribute for a while? OK so enough excuses for the gap between blogs.... Sadly my desire for calm has even affected simple pleasures like visiting gardens. I find myself irritated if I can't go around a garden in a logical way, taking in all that is to be seen and instead have to double back or go in and out of garden rooms the same way. And mazes! Surely life is complicated enough without people going around making mazes. I'm not the only one that's after some silence. Yesterday morning about 4am I heard a tiny little bird voice start his morning song, followed by another sharper older? tweet. It was very much as though mother had said "Not yet you fool, go back to sleep" And there was silence again for a while. Maybe I've become so obsessed with making a relaxed and peaceful country retreat here that I can't see the good in a faster more varied way of life. Maybe in fact I am just becoming very very boring. Perhaps I'd better ask my Twitter friends which it is ........


  1. Never boring & you are so right. Since I got well again and am working harder than ever (this bit isn't in the grand plan), I find I don't have the time to spend with my twitter friends that I used to.
    As for my own blog, I have always been very bad at that, I tend to just write about things that make me want to have a say.
    The lovely thing about twitter is that you can dip in and out when you have time and no one thinks any the worse. The job I have in haulage is a constant barrage of telephones and monitoring a computer screen which makes my time stood in a hedge bottom with my camera very precious. To relish the rhythm of nature and breathe in the beauty around me, escaping the hustle bustle of 21st century life is very important to my wellbeing and for making sense of it all.
    You should do what feels right for you, your friends will still be online and will still look forward to chatting with you.
    PS I have some lovely baby hydrangea plants coming one, at least one of which has your name on it

  2. Not boring at all. You provide an absolute haven for your guests. And blogs - you can set up an RSS feed so that whenever something new pops up on a blog you follow, you see it. No problem about being quiet for ages.

  3. You sound like you have the balance just right. Don't fret about gaps between blog posts. We can all set RSS reminders to let us know when you do post. One of my blogs gets a new post every 3 months or so, and I do that because I enjoy it, not because I feel obliged to do it.
    I'm with you on the peace and quiet, too. We moved from London to a rural location, but even here it seems that more often than not a quiet hour in the garden is ended by someone somewhere firing up a strimmer. Enjoy relaxation, enjoy your home - it's really quite lovely.

    1. Thank you guys for your support and reassurance! A friend said to me today that Twitter is the internet's version of a noisy pub! Sometimes it's a great, fun place to be, other times we can choose not to go for a pint!